New CMM purchased on December 08,2013

Fufan Tooling (CN) Ltd.| China Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer Good news, we purchased one more brand-new CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machining) for quality assurance on December Brand: Wealth-1077. Technical parameters: a�� cheapviagra-canadapharma Travel Itinerary: X : 700 viagra canadian pharmacy mm Y : 1000 mm Z: 700 mm a�� structure type: mobile bridge cialis adderall a�� Transmission: high-precision air bearing preload a�� open grating a��

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precision granite platform a�� machine size: 1200m m X1600m m X2500mm a�� machine loading: 800kg Total Weight: 1050

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measurement error (mm): MPEP = 3.5 Environmental conditions: a�� viagra online pharmacy measuring machine room temperature

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requirements The measuring chamber temperature: 18

-22 A� C Maximum ambient temperature gradient machine: 1 A� C / h.